Green Tea Fat Burner Clinical Nutricion Study

Clinical studies validate Green Tea as an effective fat burner

A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that drinking green tea extract may be effective in treating obesity, increasing the energy consumption and increasing the rate of weight loss, revealing green tea extract as an effective fat burner and welcome addition to any weight loss exercise and diet routine.

Exercising and dieting is hard enough but in our case, tired of being overweight, we do it. Starting a weight loss routine is great and it will reduce your weight, but what if we can instead of burning 10 calories each hour we can burn an additional amount of calories each time we exercise. Green Tea fat burners work like additives to our fat burning routine, instead of spending 2 hours at the gym, your weight loss routine is completed in less time. But I don’t want to lie to you, if you think you can just drink any green tea fat burner product out there and sit all day is not going to work. We have to exercise and improve our diet to see some results, and green tea fat burners to experience even better and faster results.

Green Tea Extract and Catechins

green tea leavesOne of the most recognized teas in the world is green tea and green tea extracts come from a plant known as Camellia Sinensis (which actually produces green tea and black tea). Green Tea extracts are packed with antioxidant ingredients (green tea catechins) and is one of the reasons why is so popular in many health and beauty products. Green Tea extracts are known to be antioxidants, anti-carcinogens, anti-inflammatory and anti-radiation.

According to the study, the consumption of a small dose of catechins contained in green tea extracts can be effective to treat obesity because increases the levels of energy used in daily activities therefore helping weight loss.

Green Tea Fat Burner Study

The study was performed using green tea extract with a grade of 94% purity.

The study was conducted with 10 obese men, randomly selected, who had no health complications. Their Body Mass Index (BMI) was on average 31.3kg/m2. The research method was conducted using the double-blind crossover trial.

egcg catechinEpigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a catechin found in green tea and is responsible for green tea’s weight loss benefits. The 10 patients were randomly divided into five groups, which were given different types of dietary supplements to be taken: Patient with placebo, patients with low doses of EGCG (300 mg), patients with high doses of EGCG (600 mg), patients with doses of caffeine (200 mg) and patients with EGCG plus caffeine.

The consumption of different doses of dietary supplements was within two hours after the end of the meal.

The evaluation lasted three days, after which patients rotated to another group. In this way all participants received the various dietary supplements.


  • There was an increase of 33% of energy expenditure in patients who consumed low doses of EGCG supplement.
  • There was a 20% increase in energy expenditure in those who received high dose of EGCG supplement.
  • There was an increase of 34% in patients who had consumed caffeine.
  • But the higher figure (49%) of the energy expenditure were those receiving a combined dose of EGCG and caffeine.


The combination of caffeine with green tea extract increases the energy loss and hence the weight loss (fat burning).

From the results obtained in this study, states that the effective dose of green tea consumption would be between 3-10 cups a day.

While it is necessary to continue studies of this nature, it is important to emphasize that our results are very useful for treating a disease as is obesity, which affects millions of people worldwide.

The study was developed by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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